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I have been trying to set up a really bare bones Arduino.

I used as a base

and I used a redboard bootloader. I have loaded the blink onto the microcontroller.

I hooked it up on the breadboard as shown in the diagram but I can't get any voltage from digital pin to turn the LED on.

For power I am using the 5V and Gnd from an arduino as power supply to handle any problems with not having a voltage regulator. My multimeter says 5.07 volts is running through it.

I just can't get anything to come out of digital pin 13. Could someone tell me if there is a trick?

Also I am using the right pins on the microcontroller because it has a nice sticker on it to make sure I use the right ones :)


I have read them. Should any of them apply to me?


A picture of your project would go a long ways..

Nick Gammon

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