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Is it possible that your battery is not capable of the current required to run more than one motor(maybe ESC is sensing low voltage)? Are you monitoring voltage on the battery side? Is there maybe some kind of noise that is causing the arduino/ESC to reset? You said your self that you are arming them manually with the pot.

Why not arm them in setup so that if the ESCs reset, it arms them for you? That way your pot position won't be incorrect for arming if/when it resets. If they hiccup and continue going then you know what is wrong.


Perhaps your power wiring isn't up to the task - you need thick wires for ESCs.  The LiPo sounds plenty powerful enough.  Expect 10+ A pulses - if the wiring loses more than a volt or so at those current levels the ESCs may cut out.  High current connectors are a requirement.

Does a single ESC/motor actually work under a proper load BTW?  If so that would verify the wiring/connectors/battery are OK.
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Yes, everything is fine with one ESC and one motor, so it's gonna have to be the capability of the batteries that is the issue isn't it?


Would it help if I gave links to the motors and ESCs that I'm using?

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