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Hi I am using this lcd, but I want to solder it permanently rather than using a breadboard, however I am getting mixed thoguhts as to whether the VCC line can and should/should not be 5v.
This diagram from the quick start guide says its ok - and thats the one Ive been using, however if Im going to make it permanent I want to know whats best:
Thats shows 5v to vcc. Should it be 3.3v for better care of the lcd, or should I connect it througha  resistor? I have the leds on a 3.3v supply with a resistor in place.

If I should be using a resistor, what size should I use?


i guess that diagram is ok but if you are not sure (btw. i'm not sure either) connect the lcd to 3.3v and if it is not gonna work then try 5v.


I looked at the datasheet from spark fun and it shows this lCD is a 3.3Volt so you may fry it if you hook it up to 5 volts.

VDD1 supply voltage 1 LCD voltage externally
supplied (voltage generator
2.7 - 3.3 V
VDD2 supply voltage 2 LCD voltage internally
generated (voltage
generator enabled)
2.7 - 3.3 V


I run mine at 3.3 using a small red led to drop the voltage. The current draw is very small so the led's barely visibly lit.

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