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I have the following am a beginner of arduino
with the following components:

display and library: http://seeedstudio.com/wiki/2.8''_TFT_Touch_Shield
controller : uno smd and mega

now stands there Touch Screen Demo Sketch:
now I get error messages kopier and.

You can also download an example codes with draw texts, and there is also a folder with touchscreen h and cpp and tft h and cpp.
now I need to change seeduino at tft line mega
But how do I add this to my sketch than import or file?

Please help am already doing 24 hours and days
I get it really isn't...


now I need to change seeduino at tft line mega

What does this mean? What code are you trying to change?



There is in the
I need to change in the
tft file?

Apparently, English is not your native language. Perhaps posting your question in your native language would help. Google translate works fairly well, for some languages, at least.

It would also help if you posted the exact error messages you are getting. The TFT library should work fine with the Mega.


have the following,
I have the Touch Screen Demo Sketch van seeed copied on my sketch,
I have the library code tft h file and toucscreen h file on my Desktop copieed (There was also a cpp file at)
and put this location on myn sketch include.
I have the following changes on myn demo screen sketch the 2the line # include < my location
\tft.h >
and 3 line # include<  my location\touchscreen.h >.
Should I also change the 1 line  # <stdint.h>.
Can you explain me how to do it or am I doing something wrong
I'm already busy days.
=( =( =( =( =( =( =(

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