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I had Macrofab assemble my Neutrino:


They're in Texas, and specialize in short runs. Very affordable. Those prototypes were only $35 ea.  That's including the cost of the components and shipping.  Three week turn time, but they should get faster once they start getting enough orders that they can stop using OSHSpark.


Thank you, scswift!  This was a seriously good find!  These guys offer single board fab & assembly for crazy cheap.  Any other place on the planet seems to charge at least $400 for a small batch (10 or less), but I've been quoted up to $1300 for ten boards!  I just ordered 10 from MacroFab for $260 (fab and assembly), and I just can't believe that I could've ordered a single board for $37!  Seriously crazy.  I really hope these guys take off.  They're tapping an entirely new market.


We are a PCB and PCBA maker. Sometimes, the client just ask us for 1 or 3pcs PCBA. But is not very practical, because the we can not assure all the 1 or 3pcs of PCBA is perfect after assembly, what if something bad happened, also we need to adjust the smt machine before production. So, in my opinion, at least 5PCS PCBA need to be ordered, just to convenient the supplier for assembly and yourself for testing. FYR :)
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