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iTead or Seeedstudio are both $10 for 10 pieces, up to 5 cm square, or $40 for 50 pieces.  If you want to get clever, you could panelize 9 of your designs onto a 10x10 cm board, $25 for 10 pieces.  You'd need to cut them apart yourself, but that would give you 90 boards for $25, or $0.28 each.  I've only done one board with them, but I was entirely satisfied with the quality and turnaround time.  http://www.seeedstudio.com/depot/fusion-pcb-service-2-layers-p-835.html

Even OSHPark will do $1/in^2 with a minimum order of 150 in^2.  For your board, that would be $1.56 each.  Less than the small-run option with them, but quite a bit more than shipping it off to China.

Edit: That price from seeedstudio isn't exactly comparable to OSHPark, as it doesn't include the ENIG (gold plated) finish on the boards--that adds $16 to the order (and that looks like a flat amount--it doesn't seem to depend on the number or size of the boards ordered).  And, of course, they don't have the purple solder mask, though a number of other colors are available.

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Indeed. I have to believe that iTead and Seeed use the same fab. The prices and offerings are identical, as are the specs, last I checked. I've used both and the boards look identical. For some reason, I get faster (and more consistent) turnaround time from Seeed, just over two weeks. From both, I've had drill hits that I thought could be centered better and the silk screen on my last order was thin. There is definitely some batch-to-batch variation, but I've never had a board not work. I don't suppose my designs are pushing the limits very hard though, in fact I make efforts not to. I've also used OSH Park, their boards are super, obviously superior in several respects.
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My last ITead order was accepted on the 11 September. ITead received the boards on the 18 September and I received them via DHL on the 20 September.
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Sounds very interesting and helpful! Thanks for sharing Electronics hobbiest .Nice price about PCB, i have doubt about their Quality and Reliability, i have been using PCB from a
PCB manufacturer since 2010. initially First time i was started my Electronics works by using cadSoft, now i'm Producing some electronic products thats why lots of PCB demands in every week. I'm delighted about their Quality PCB, reliabilities etc.

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