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I'm very wary of ebay since I bought an "as new" popcorn maker that came with a chunk missing from the side.  I contacted the seller and was told that I should've asked if it was in tact, and that if I left bad feedback he'd leave bad feedback for me.  What's the point in that?

Well that sounds like one awful ebay seller to me.

The system is f**ked though


As f*cked up the eBay rating system is, it's a lot better then no rating.

In the Netherlands we have "Marktplaats", it's a site similar to eBay, for selling second-hand and new stuff to consumers. It's mostly orientated on consumer-to-consumer not business-to-consumer. Marktplaats doesn't have any rating system, and if you bid on an item you are not required to buy the item. The result is a lot of fake bids, and more often then not people who make an appointment to take a look at the stuff you are selling do not show up. It's really frustrating. Especially because this is the leading site in the Netherlands. eBay couldn't beat them (so they bought them ;)).


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I am wondering if it's not against eBay's policy.

If they are incorprated (In the US atleast), then they can refuse service to any coustmer period, as long as they post that they can.
If they are doing that, I don't think ebay would have a say.
But ebay does reserve the same right to refuse service.
Its confusing.

These jumper wires are perfect for us bread boarders.  I know I've posted about these a few times but I can't say enough good stuff about them.

I find it a few bucks cheaper to buy a boat load of resisters and lop the leads off.


It's a little forceful sounding, but you have to understand their reasoning.

Any seller is charged (excessive) fees if their average rating drops below a threshold (something like 4.7?), and it could really destroy their business.  I doubt that they'd actually refuse to sell to you (I mean, a sale is a sale), but they'd sure be upset.

Ran Talbott

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It still seems a bit petty.

A bit,  yes.  But ebay has changed their policies such that sellers with less-than-absolutely-perfect ratings get less-favorable placement in the listings,  and possibly (I'm not sure about this) less-favorable fees.

I haven't paid that much attention,  because I only sell on ebay intermittently as a sort-of "online garage sale".  But I remember reading the announcement a while back,  and thinking some things that would get me banned here if I didn't wear out my punctuation keys transcribing them.   ::)  It completely put me off the idea of setting up an ebay-based business.

Edit: I'll second the remarks of CaptainObvious below:  despite the off-putting "warning",  I bought from FCB last year because they offer the same items as some of the Chinese sellers,  with much faster service and a very small increase in cost.   I was pleased enough to go back for more,  and would again.  I'll tolerate grumpiness for great prices and service.   :)


I find it a few bucks cheaper to buy a boat load of resisters and lop the leads off.

Well in that case, you just buy a few hundred meters of solid strand wire without insulation...



Well, if you're not going to give the seller a chance to fix an error that... might be a Consumer error...      then what's the point of trying to deal with that customer again?

But something alot of people should understand, this guy mainly sells to the States..  He's really adamant to give much quicker shipping and much better service than the shops from China.    And from comparing all the times I've purchased across seas and well, home!  Definitely worth the extra $1 for shipping to be 2 weeks less.

But hey, this isn't a thread about eBays policies and arguing if you want to buy from him or not, it's supposed to be about good deals :P


Well in that case, you just buy a few hundred meters of solid strand wire without insulation...

I tend to buy the packs of 200x resisters for 99c with free shipping for this. You get 200 little jumpers for a half a cent each.
I did recently buy 300 feet of insluated copper wire for 50c, and im using peices of it now.


Aug 02, 2010, 11:18 pm Last Edit: Aug 02, 2010, 11:21 pm by Osgeld Reason: 1
Well, if you're not going to give the buyer a chance to fix an error that... might be a seller error...  

there fixed that for you, remember this is the 21st century, the customer is always stupid and always wrong, how dare you even question the seller, they are just perfect little angles trying to scrape up a buck to feed their children

wont someone think of the children?


natman3400 can You show where ? :)


the wire was bought at a flea market. Just search for resisters on ebay if you want 100 for 99c


that price (1$ for 100) IMO is not a bargain :) Shop in my town sells resistors in that price, On Polish ebay I can buy 100 resistors for 40-50c


If im not mistaken, polish money is worth more then us money.


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well digikey will sell you some metal film ones for around 2 bucks per 100, me I dont like buying from ebay whenever possible, even if you dont get screwed its typically still kinda junky

for example the 328 i bought and it came in a paper envelope with its (bent) pins mashed into plain white styrofoam, that was worth the dollar I saved (stupid thing can barley go into a socket)

its really got to be a special deal that no real supplier can match, and even then most of these yahoos have no clue what their doing so you might get something wrong and try and argue with someone whom is under the impression they are god due to their blackmailed high rating, or just flat out screwed over


Aug 05, 2010, 01:30 am Last Edit: Aug 05, 2010, 01:33 am by thoed Reason: 1
Well, once you get the hang of eBay shopping.. it's hard to get screwed on eBay.

I purchased a 328 preloaded with Arduino, 16mhz resonator, a socket, and even a 7805 for $7, shipping included... well, times 2. :P   The guy who I bought them from (who I can vouge for, he's awesome) isn't selling em anymore, but here's a clone of his same deal. ( this guys charging extra for shipping.. got to love inflation :P)


The seller has 100% feedback ( VERY IMPORTANT! :P)

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