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@pracas Great! Good to hear someone benefits from my tip(s) ;).


IMO 2$ for crocodile cable is not a bargain
4 aligator clips + 1 m of cable is under 1$
preparation time ? maybe 10 minutes


you forgot banana plug for multimeters, but yea I make my own


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@zachwiej So $1 for 10 minutes of labor, sounds like a very good deal to me ;).


croc leads are a lot cheaper than that, at least in the UK http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/10-Crocodile-Clip-Test-Leads-25mm-clip-5-colours-/310237287225?pt=UK_AudioElectronicsVideo_Video_TelevisionSetTopBoxes

If I can find something like that in rip off Britain...



I've bought a fair amount of stuff from hobbyking.  Alas, most of it has ended up on the "still needs a round tuit" pile, so I can't comment on exact quality, but I can confirm that they do deliver reasonably promptly, and the items seem to match what I ordered.

I actually bought three different styles of their very-cheap 9g servos, with the idea that I'd compare them.  While they've yet to be powered up, I can report that they're annoyingly non-standardized; servo horns from one microservo do not fit on otherwise very similar looking different microservos.  And lead length varies in somewhat unpredictable ways (the cheapest servo does not have the shortest leads!)


Great! Good to hear someone benefits from my tip(s) Wink.

And i was here at the forums by chance... ;)
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