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I'm building a submarine robot that has to go in non-salty water( a lake) and I will control it with a cable. I'd like it to go at least 100 meters deep. The cable will have 7 wires, 2 for the power (24vDC and ground), 3 wires for the serial comunication between the arduino ouside the water that prints the commands and the arduino in the robot that reads them (pin 1 and 0 + ground), and  2 wires  for the usb comunication beetween an HD web cam and a Pc outside the water.

Serial comunication cables can reach 50 meters and to reach more than a hundred you need some ICs like a couple of max483. The real problem is with the web cam signal, I need to see what's happening in real time and to see it on a screen. Usb cable can't reach more than 5 meters... What happens If the cable is more than that? Is there any solution?

What if I convert the signal from the web cam from usb to serial, send it on the cable as a serial signal an then convert it back to usb, so that a computer can connect to it?

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Have you considered ethernet instead? An onboard router would allow a much faster connection for the cameras. 100 meters is about the limit of a normal ethernet cable connection.


Have you considered converting the communication to ethernet?  There you could use off the shelf solutions like switched hubs or repeaters which can deal with error correction and resending.  You might also check out fiber optic transmissions, though I suspect you find more off the shelf solutions if you convert it to tcp/ip packets rather than plain signal wires.


But how do I go from web cam to ethernet? I found this on amazon http://www.amazon.com/SANOXY-over-Extension-Cable-Adapter/dp/B003BDMK3S/ref=sr_1_1?s=electronics&ie=UTF8&qid=1344427592&sr=1-1&keywords=ethernet+webcam, can I use someting like that? What if I use a 300 ft ( nearly 100 meters) CAT 5 cable instead of only 150 ft?


Maybe you should use an IP camera that has a CAT5 cable connection. Do a Google search for "ethernet camera". That route is a bit more expensive tho. Here is a start:

I don't think you will get a usb cable to go 100 meters with a usb webcam (like Logitech webcams).

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