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But how do I go from web cam to ethernet? I found this on amazon http://www.amazon.com/SANOXY-over-Extension-Cable-Adapter/dp/B003BDMK3S/ref=sr_1_1?s=electronics&ie=UTF8&qid=1344427592&sr=1-1&keywords=ethernet+webcam, can I use someting like that? What if I use a 300 ft ( nearly 100 meters) CAT 5 cable instead of only 150 ft?

It might work, but it might not.  I suspect such devices need the cable to themselves, so you would need to run 2 cables, one for the web cam, and one for the arduino.

I would go for a web cam that knows ethernet and use that, rather than trying to convert USB to ethernet.

What ethernet/tcpip adds is putting everything into a packet that is check-summed.  If the packet is malformed, the sender has to resend the packet.  If you are doing straight wires, you have to essentially recreate this checking and resending, or possibly have some communication glitches.



a bloke at work had a similar problem. he used usb web cams for a security system. not underwater, but still had the problem of usb <5m. he got some cheep generic eBay USB to Ethernet converters. they worked a treat. but then you would have the problem of having more wires. they cant be run through a switch.
it has to be    cam --- usb-eth --------cable------eth-usb ---- computer.
you would have to work out if any of the wires are not being used in the ethrnet cable to pipe you serial down.

otherwise, the suggestion of a Ethernet camera would work, though they are more expensive and heavier.


How about a lansheild for the arduino and ethernet camera(s)? plug it all into a simple switch and then you can send what you like up one ethernet cable.


Serial comunication cables can reach 50 meters and to reach more than a hundred you need some ICs like a couple of max483. The real problem is with the web cam signal, I need to see what's happening in real time and to see it on a screen. Usb cable can't reach more than 5 meters... What happens If the cable is more than that? Is there any solution?

Use RS422 instead of RS232. Something like the MAX485 or MAX491 chip depending on if you need half/full duplex comms. For full duplex though you will need 5 wires instead of 3.

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