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Hey everyone, I have an update, with more questions. Let me know if this is the wrong venue for these questions!

I successfully acquired my RTC, LED matrix, FM Shield, and a few other things, and now I'm working on getting the RTC and the Matrix to play nice together.

I'm using Florinc's Bookclock code, which seems like a good jumping off point (link here). But I'm wondering which pins in that code are meant to be hooked up to the matrix? I've used this resource to successfully test the matrix before, but I do not know if I should change which digital pins I'm using.

Also, can anyone tell where the buttons need to be hooked up to? I'm a novice at deciphering code.



Also, can anyone tell where the buttons need to be hooked up to? I'm a novice at deciphering code.

In the code you linked to, the buttons are on pins 16 and 17 which are alternative names for A2 and A3 (since the Analog Input pins can also be used for general digital I/O).  The button on A2 (pin 16) is the incrementing button, while the one on A3 (pin 17) is the menu button.


Thanks, should I use a pull up or a pull down resistor with those pins?

I'm also wondering how to make the RTC be recognized by the arduino, as it seems the Wiseduino for which this code is meant for has the RTC integrated, and therefore doesn't specify which pins it needs to be hooked up to. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!


BTW, an alternative to the RTC if you have the Arduino on your network (either with an ethernet shield or wifi) is to use the Network Time Protocol: http://arduino.cc/en/Tutorial/UdpNtpClient.

Another alternative (if you live in Europe or North Americas) is a time signal receiver, for example http://www.pvelectronics.co.uk/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=2.
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You connect the DS1307 RTC to your Arduino on I2C, as shown in the datasheet:
SDA and SCL are pins A4 and A5 of your Arduino, respectively.
You need 10k resistors as pullups on these 2 pins. Backup battery is also necessary, as is a 32kHz crystal.

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