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Jeff K

I've been a PHP developer since it came out.  I have seen several different PHP based shopping carts come and go.  I have extensive experience with osCommerce and more recently OpenCart.

osCommerce seems to be outdated and really hasn't been developed for a long time.  But it does have several extensions.  On the other hand, OpenCart seems to have a more modern feel, but lacks extensions (especially non-commercial extensions).

Has anyone had any experience with other shopping carts that are PHP based?

I am on the verge of creating my own OS shopping cart (or maybe a fork of something) that meets the needs of a modern cart with open extensions.  Although I am hoping the need for extensions would be minimal if the cart is planned correctly.

So I guess I am looking for input on what is already out there and also input for what is wanted by others.

If it comes down to creating a new shopping cart software. It would be based around PHP, MySQL (or maybe a DB abstraction class) and jQuery.  
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James C4S

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I hear good stories about Magento (there professional edition is free I think).

Personally I think osCommerce really sucks (from a developer point of view).


Magento rocks but requires a more optimized server! For lighter shopping cart, Presta Shop is more suitable.


I've just installed Presta Shop, yet to configure it. Will keep you posted.
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