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Jeff K

I've been a PHP developer since it came out.  I have seen several different PHP based shopping carts come and go.  I have extensive experience with osCommerce and more recently OpenCart.

osCommerce seems to be outdated and really hasn't been developed for a long time.  But it does have several extensions.  On the other hand, OpenCart seems to have a more modern feel, but lacks extensions (especially non-commercial extensions).

Has anyone had any experience with other shopping carts that are PHP based?

I am on the verge of creating my own OS shopping cart (or maybe a fork of something) that meets the needs of a modern cart with open extensions.  Although I am hoping the need for extensions would be minimal if the cart is planned correctly.

So I guess I am looking for input on what is already out there and also input for what is wanted by others.

If it comes down to creating a new shopping cart software. It would be based around PHP, MySQL (or maybe a DB abstraction class) and jQuery.  
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I hear good stories about Magento (there professional edition is free I think).

Personally I think osCommerce really sucks (from a developer point of view).


Magento rocks but requires a more optimized server! For lighter shopping cart, Presta Shop is more suitable.


I've just installed Presta Shop, yet to configure it. Will keep you posted.

Funky Diver

Some nice little features on presta shop... had a quick squizz over it, might come in handy  8-)

Jeff K

I've checked out Presta... the interface isn't very clean.  It needs a lot of work.  It is like someone started with a basic cart and decided to add all these extra features without any planning.

I have also looked at Magento.  It is a great cart.  The only problem is that the Community Edition (professional starts at $3k+ a year, enterprise $12k+ a year) is missing most of the features.  Some very basic ones that are necessary for any modern online store.

I haven't done anything with Zen Cart, but will take a closer look.
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I think Magento is very complete compared to the rest. There's tons of extensions provided by the community that eventually balanced out what is not in the community edition. I have been using them for 3 years and it's getting better everyday.

IMHO, Zencart & OSCommerce has passed it's prime time. :)

Jeff K

There's tons of extensions provided by the community that eventually balanced out what is not in the community edition

I was thinking about that.  But didn't take the time to look.  I'll dive into that a little further too and see how it pans out.
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I prefer zeuscart to be the best open source php based shopping cart software. It is a Free GPL Shopping cart software.

zeuscart dot com

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