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Hello ppl.

I found this site:


this guy can make the arduino send an sms to the mobile phone number as you can see on the site.

I wonder if you can do the opposite, I want to send a message from my phone to the arduino to trigger a relay.

Is it possible? somebody help me with the code?


He doesn't need a GSM Shield because he uses an entire GSM cellphone: GSM Siemens C75 phone.  Is that what you want to use for receiving SMS messages?
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John, i found this sites:


I want to do is:

Send a message on my phone to my siemens connected to the Arduino:

sms: turn pin13
Arduino then connects the pin 13 high
Arduino then sends an sms to me: PIN 13 IS ON


you would probably need some sort of communications interface. If you have a land line you can setup an SMS gateway on a computer. Have the computer parse the SMS message and send it to the arduino via serial. Alternatively, you could use an Ethernet shield, and either have the original computer parse the SMS message from the gateway and send it via Ethernet to the arduino. Or if you are feeling up to it you could write your own sms gateway interpreter that runs solely on the arduino that has wi-fi, ethernet capability.

There are some free implementations of SMS gateways available on linux. I'm not to sure about windoze.


I was thinking about doing the exact same thing with an old but indestructible Nokia 5070 phone.
I have already ordered a $1.25 fbus cable. I think that a serial converter needs to be used
(max-232) and then part of the problem is that programming trunks is not that easy...
but where is the fun if you take that out? I want to make a simple alarm watching a door
with a hall effect magnetic sensor and also use a classical IR sensor. Also, I plan to user the
nokia battery to power the whole thing, and the original nokia charger. This alarm will be totally
silent. If  there is a break in, only an SMS will be sent to my phone and maybe to my mother's.

Also I was thinking that it should be possible to make arduino answer an incoming phone call,
if you want to listen to whatever is going on at your place.

As I live in Argentina, most GSM shields will not work here (must be 4 bands or at least
have the 850 Mhz band)... the ones available are way too expensive. This experiment will cost
me close to nothing. The phone has been lying around for years... the rest of the parts I already

The beauty of this is that you can do a lot of things. I want a custom alarm, just because I cannot
think of another use, but if you live in the country side and you want to control remotely things
that are really far away, like water pumps or some other stuff, this can be an option.

There is a lot of info about Nokia trunk programming in the web. I can post advances when my
cable arrives and I start playing with this.

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