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I saw this on youtube today and I thought it was awesome.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R3tVbrvc6UQ&feature=related
I used to want to be some sort of sound engineer but loved computers too much so I figured I would try to design something like this with the computer engineering degree i'm working on. 

Since I saw the video, i've been trying to figure out a way that it would work with arduinos.  At this point, I think it would need some sort of parallel processing or an FPGA sort of deal but I just want to make sure before I give up on the whole concept.
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Yes you could do that. It's a little out of my field but there are essentially two parts, read a keyboard and produce sounds.

The first can be done in many ways and I think the second would be best done by sending MIDI commands to an existing instrument.

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You can do this pretty easily with an arduino Uno. As far as I know you can do this with any arduino. Pretty easily.

This guy uses a serial to midi application so he doesn't have to reprogram the usb device in the Uno to be a HID MIDI device. You can do that also. You can have analog inputs as well. I.E. scratchpads. Not just buttons.  8)


Interesting! I thought that the microcontroller wouldn't be handle all of the things happening at once.  Seeing as how microcontrollers execute programming statement by statement, I figured that wouldn't be fit for all those things happening at once. 

Anybody else have some awesome resources that would be helpful?
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nothing in a computer is really happening at once, its just happening stupid fast, arduino clocks in at 16,000,000 times a second, many simple operations taking once cycle, if you are mindful about how you do it it should handle that

here is the oppsite side of the coin, microcontroller god LFT is using generic midi keyboards connected to a AVR board that actually produces all the sound, loops and mixes


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