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Hi, all,

Hoping this is the correct place I ask the question.

I installed the Eclipse Indigo with Jantje's plugin for Arduino under Windows 7 and Ubuntu 12.04. Under the same OS, I knew how to creat and reopen the project created with this plugin, but if I switched to another OS, I had no idea how to open the project since the 'open project' menu item was disabled. Any sugguestions would be highly appreciated!


For example, if a project was created with CodeBlocks, the ext name for the project file would be cbp, double clicked it would fire CB to open it. I did not find a project file in the files created with Eclipse, however.


I'm assuming you have a dual boot system and that the same disks are available to both os'es
In eclipse projects belong to a workspace. So you do not open a project you open a workspace and the workspace contains projects.

The first thing you do when eclipse starts is selecting a workspace. The workspace is actually a folder. For instance In windows that could be c:\myworkspace. Note that you can set a default workspace in which case you are not asked to select the workspace.
When you boot your system in Ubuntu you need to locate this folder/workspace and use the same workspace when starting eclipse.
Once you have done so all the projects must be visible.
Best regards
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thank you, Jantje, for your kind reponse and your useful plugin.

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