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I agree the picture is not very instructive, i'll make a better one and add some annotations.

Fortunately, all arduino ICSP headers are the same so have a look over here:
You don't use its reset pin.



thanks for the wonderful write up, peter!

i've seen all that information scattered across multiple threads, but this is the first time its been put together in a coherent manner

i'm eager to see if this will finally fix my woes...i couldn't wait and bought an UNO a few weeks ago but haven't lost hope for my leo


I've followed petervh instructions but when I try to upload the led blink sketch I get the error: stk500_getsync(): not in sync: resp=0x00 I've connected the Vcc, Gnd, MISO, MOSI and SCK pins of the leonardo onto the corresponding pins of the ATTiny85 except the RESET pin which according to petervh must be connected to pin 10, I've followed the source code modifications already, please help.


Arduino 1.0.2 is out now. Can you try with that, it excludes possible errors in the modifs to the core...
You still have to modify ArduinoISP: #define RESET 10 and of coarse use the pins on the ICSP header.
If it does not work, can you post the exact output of avrdude (use option -v).

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