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Haha, my bad, i'll blame the small font i use... Thanks, appreciated.


@ Jack Christensen
Sorry to bother, i feel kinda foolish asking this but i am lost at the moment. I too am trying to use the TimeAlarm library and i have replaced the .cpp file with your .cpp file (as mention in your post). However i am still getting an error. It says that the variables are not declared? The i am on Windows 7, Arduino 1.0.5.
The error message i am getting is:
Code: [Select]

TimeAlarmExample.pde: In function 'void setup()':
TimeAlarmExample:20: error: 'setTime' was not declared in this scope
TimeAlarmExample:22: error: 'Alarm' was not declared in this scope
TimeAlarmExample:24: error: 'dowSaturday' was not declared in this scope
TimeAlarmExample.pde: In function 'void loop()':
TimeAlarmExample:33: error: 'Alarm' was not declared in this scope
TimeAlarmExample.pde: In function 'void digitalClockDisplay()':
TimeAlarmExample:64: error: 'hour' was not declared in this scope
TimeAlarmExample:65: error: 'minute' was not declared in this scope
TimeAlarmExample:66: error: 'second' was not declared in this scope

Hope i provided enough information.
Thanks so much for your time

Jack Christensen

Dec 09, 2013, 11:13 pm Last Edit: Dec 09, 2013, 11:16 pm by Jack Christensen Reason: 1
Looks like the library is installed in the wrong place. There is a known issue if the IDE's automatic installation process (Sketch > Import Library > Add Library) is used to install the Time library. The automatic process will install the three libraries that are in the Time.zip file as:

Code: [Select]


But they should be:

Code: [Select]


Verify that they're in the right place, move them around if not.


wil try that as soon as i can and let you know, how it goes.
Thanks for your quick response


you were spot on thanks so much!!! Finally i can sleep at ease.
The TimeAlarm and Time libraries were in in subfolders also called TimeAlarm and Time respectively.
Just copied sub folder and merged with parent folder
Once again thanks so much

Jack Christensen

@cver019, good deal! Hate to see sleep lost over this stuff ... but I know, it can definitely do it to a person! :smiley-sleep:

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