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Having had the same problem recently. Although, mine was mainly caused by the com port being reassigned somewhere along the way.

To help with the arduino program differences.

023 has some older routines and calls.
1.1 runs I think newsoftseriel (or I have this the other way around) as a driver off the top of my head and a few others, that can get in the way of handling certain calls within the program.

perhaps search around for the updated version of your program which calls the new routines.

michael shiloh

Congratulations! I don't know well enough the differences between 0023 and 1.0 to be able to explain this, but I'm glad you found a solution.


I solved it!!!!!! Just downloaded the arduino0023 software instead of the 1.0 and it worked like a charm!!!
(Still don't know why the newest doesn't work though)


Right, I forgot to mention it on the first post, I've tried selecting almost all boards on the list, and nothing...
Thanks anyway

Louis Davis

Try selecting a different board type, such as UNO.

When selecting the board type, you are really selecting the type of bootloader that is on the Atmega.

They may have started using the UNO bootloader on the newer boards.

It's worth a shot.

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