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I'm using an arduino pro mini 3.3v to control a 3-6 volt vacuum pump. The arduino is not powerful enough to run it directly off one of the digital pins.  I need the full 3.3v to get to the pump.

Any help is appreciated!



Well one needs to know the maximum current requirement of the pump to help you. Also how are you planning to powering your Arduino, through the USB port only or with external power. If external power is being used what is it's maximum current capacity? With this information a answer will be availble.



You may need to use a relay, switched on by the Arduino, to control power to the pump.


Cross posting on this forum is considered very bad form.


I have a li-poly 3.3V 860mAh to power both the arduino and the mini vacuum pump.  I am waiting for the current requirement info from the manufacturer.  connected directly the pump runs well and pulls a significant vacuum.

sorry about the cross post, I am new and was not sure which section was most appropriate for the post.

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