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I am considering starting a local "elementary" class in electronic circuits (simple low voltage DC, our favorite here). Has anyone had any experience with this?

I am thinking of integrating Arduino in the Forrest Mimms Intro to electronics and then working through the two books available regarding the electronics learning lab - with, of course, the lab itself.

Target audience are boys 8 and up - but it would start small with some friends children to see how they take to the idea.

Has anyone had any experience in this, any support materials available, and are there Arduino specific programs that any of you have worked through with similar audiences?


Try this..

This is effective. If you are ready to spend, this would be helpful for you.


Is there any information on how the best way to teach an arduino class/workshop?

Is there a "system"?, there`s loads of online tutorials, but very little infomation on teaching arduino in the real world.

For example, do you teach them about voltage and current first, then start with an led circuit breadboard circuit leading to first use of the arduino?

Or jump straight in with the basic blink sketch?

I`ve not done any teaching before, this just an idea thats kicking around in my head.

Udo Klein

Maybe you want to take some of my blinkenlight experiments for your class. Hardware requirements are very low and the difficulty range is from easy to advanced. You do not need the shields you could also create the setup with breadboards. However you could also use the kits which are cheaper and do some SMD soldering practice. However I have no clue if soldering is fine with 8 year old boys. I learned it at the age of 12 ;) SMD soldering should be easier for them then for us because they have most probably much sharper eye sight.
Check out my experiments http://blog.blinkenlight.net


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