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Hi, I need to individually control 64 RGB LED, intensity, on / off and range or palette the colors

I have sought information and I met this 16-channel Multiplexer 74HC4067.

  74hc4067 Multiplexer, I allow only the ignition internal / off the LEDs? Will I be able to just change the color scheme?, or will I need also the ULN2803, to change the color palette?

coneciones my diagram here, do me a favor and put two hechele a mirada.solo 74hc4067 Multiplexer for the case
The procedure is repeated.


Look at TLC5940, 16 channel (so 5 RGB LEDs)
Can do the color pallette with individual control of PWM per channel.
Another option is WS2803, an 18 channel driver with PWM control per channel.
Possible link to datasheet:
and a forum discussion

I think you can find Arduino libraries for each.
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I would also suggest the WS2803, on eBay you can pick them up for a little over a pound ($1.50) each in small quantities and even less for larger 25+ numbers. They work well and daisy chain together without problem.


thanks for your help.
that the difference between the WS2803 and WS2801?
I can not find info on how to connect in cascade.

  the WS2801 to sparkfun is at $ 0.75 dollars.https://www.sparkfun.com/products/10444
library as well as for the WS2803 and WS2801. https://github.com/adafruit/Adafruit-WS2801-Library


that the difference between the WS2803 and WS2801?

The WS2801 is only 3 channels per chip (1 RGB LED per chip) and the WS2803 is 18 channels (6 RGB LED's per chip).

I can not find info on how to connect in cascade.

Connect arduino to SDI & CKI of first chip then just connect SDO & CKO of this chip to SDI & CKI of next chip and so on.

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