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The chip will not work until you connect something to the REF input. See the data sheet for what resistor value you need.


hi , Hi, I connected a resistor to pin IREF 1.25kOkm and the other extremity of the resistance to Gnd.

LED is not lit. What happens?

I have connected a single LED.
Is it necessary to run the chit, connect
missing leds in chit outs, to work?


This would totally depend on the specific LED that you're using, however the last time I used 5050 SMD RGB LEDs, with a WS2803, one side of the LED went to VCC, while the other end went to the outputs on the WS2803.  Those outputs are SINK, not SOURCE.  Look at page 5 in the datasheet.  Your schematic seems to indicate that you're expecting them to SOURCE your LED.  Flip it around and make the proper connections.


no, your suggestion does not work either.


Sorry but you'll have to wait till I have time to rig up a WS2803 with some LEDs to figure out what's going on.  My first guess would be the code, but I'm not familiar with adafruit's code, so I don't know.  However, what I do know is that the standard WS2801 code won't work for the WS2803 because it has 6x more bits that needs to be sent.  But as I said, I don't know adafruit's code, so it's possible they're already accounting for that.  Also, try putting your LED's ground pins to outputs 0, 1, and 2 instead of starting at output 8.  The other side goes to VCC.  Make sure you're using the proper sides on the LED.

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