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Is there a way to move from the beginning to end of a code block (or vice versa) matching braces?

I think I can add that if you provide some useful case scenario in where that feature is useful.

This is how far it when back with cntl Z

I see. Checking the Java documentation I saw there is a default depth of 100 http://docs.oracle.com/javase/1.4.2/docs/api/javax/swing/undo/UndoManager.html#getLimit()

I can make it bigger easily but maybe combining the edits it is a better thing, I am not so sure if the UndoManager should record every single keystroke as an independent action
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Ok, thanks for looking into it.

OK, but what limit do you think is enough? Also what is your opinion about combining changes or keeping individual keystrokes?

I barely noticed the limitations on the undo in all this years, I just undo something small and keep editing, never something big or too away from the place I am working on, so I need comments from users.
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Visual Micro

Visual Studio maybe be ok for Pro`s, but the interface looks too complicated for me and I`m reluctant to install anymore MS "bloatware" than I really need to.

Yeah, it probably didn't help my using the ArduPlane drone example, that's the most massive Arduino project on the planet (not my work, can't take any credit)  :)

Anyway Visual Studio is actually a one click install and "just works", same as the Arduino Ide.

But as I said in my email to you, the enhanced arduino ide is well worth a look. Even if it hasn't got the code navigation and helper tools, it is really great to see Arduino Ide development moving forward at a reasonable speed for a change.
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Arduino Debugger http://www.visualmicro.com/post/2012/05/05/Debug-Arduino-Overview.aspx


I like individual character undo, not block undo. If I can choose the number of undo, I always set it to max (usually 9999 characters).

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