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2 weeks into arduino. Things are going great. Got a sensor pack from my parents (http://dx.com/p/arduno-37-in-1-sensor-module-kit-black-142834).

I cant figure out what these sensors do though...

Particularly the...
-laser sensor module
-the hunt sensor
-linear magnetic hall sensor
-magic light cup

Can somebody explain their uses/how to use them? Theres also some mercury sensors of some sort, and heartbeat detectors that are cool, but i cant for the love of me, figure out how to use them either...


WOW! I want my parents to send me that! 

The types of shields/sensors are listed below the picture... looks like you can do darn near anything with that assortment. You will have to dig through then Arduino  site to find out how to use them. There are lots of tutorials and scripts on many of these.

Pick out one that make sense to you and start from there... I assume you have an arduino board.


You're going to have to post close-up pictures of the individual modules you have questions with. From your names the only two I can guess at is the "hall sensor" which is used to detect the presence of a magnetic field, "linear" in that it will output a variable voltage on the signal line depending on the strength of the magnet. The "laser sensor" is more than likely just a laser (not a sensor).

I had a "magic light cup" once. It magically didn't do its job when I needed it most. Man that hurt.


Wow that's quite a selection for the price!  Mind you DealExtreme has always had some interesting stuff.

I agree close-up photos will help identify the mystery ones better.
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It would be great to know which of them can work at 3V3 too...
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That is a grand sensor kit for the price.  That, a breadboard, a bunch of jumpers, and an Arduino would make a great starter kit.  I don't need it and I just bought one.
I have only come here seeking knowledge. Things they would not teach me of in college.


I know this is a bit old, but I stumbled on this thread when I was trying to learn more about these sensors. Maybe it will help some other Google searchers.

After some digging, I found the full set of documentation for these sensors. It's written in "translated" English so it can be a bit challenging.
The ziped file of the documentation is located at http://datometer.com/37SensorKit.zip

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