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If can replace the "flip dot" with an electromagnet that opens a gate and makes something (e.g. ball) fall through.
The electromagnet may take 10mA or so.
A simpler solution is to involve a battery powered quartz clock. You power the clock (so the seconds hand moves) for as little as possible at the end of the time-cycle, but as much as to make a visual difference.
Interesting challenge, I would like to see it working in practice.


You could use an e-ink display.  These displays have little balls inside that are black on one side and white on the other.  Flipping the dot takes power, but it is stable in either state.  Most displays wold be way too big for your application, but they do make small ones.  I have a flash drive that uses one as a capacity gauge.  A Google search for "e-ink Arduino" came up with plenty of hits, so it has been done.


I don't see where super accurate timing is involved since you are talking hours and days. Like watching  grass grow to a certain height.
Blinking a low power led would seem a way to draw attention. Does not have to happen continuous just a few times for a few seconds then wait maybe 30 seconds or so and do again. Put the sucker to sleep between.

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