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Hey need some help with a little project,

i have a led stripe with a common anode and three seperated lines for red green blue.what i want to do is driving this stripe with a arduino nano.
in orders for this to work i will need to pwm the rgb lines to ground. Therefore i will need a transistor. Since i'm not that of a hardware guy i need help with selecting the right transistor for this purpose. The Transistor should be able to patch the attached led stripe line to ground at the analogeWrite() frequency of 490Hz. I hope you guys could help me out.

thanks in advance


Probably , you talking 12V RGB led strip, how long is it?


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Sorry forgot that info. its a 1.5m long RGB Led Stripe rated for 12v DC . i thought about providing the 12v by an atx molex connecter that could provide about 5a.this should be enough since the stripe is rated for 2a at 5m i think.



thank you! :)
i need some help though for the base resistor.on the page you've linked they use a 2,2kOhm resistor. do you think this is needed or is a for example 1,74kOhm resistor enough?


About anything in between 1 k and 2.2 k should be good.


You may be running pretty hot with a 2n2222.. They are rated for 800ma max while you will pull about 700.  I use these same strips, the 5m version.. I have had great luck using MOSFET RFE3055 or an NPN darlington, like TIP120
When the testing is complete there will be... cake.

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