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Well, I'm going to be making a binary clock - someday - and I am comtemplating using RGB leds instead of single color leds... I had palled on using red, green and blue leds separated, but now I am thinking about using an RGB on every single one... Itll be harder, and take more parts, but I already have the parts for either option...


well you could use the colors to indicate the time of day also, or the season, or the day of the week (Monday = blue, Friday = red)  or include some alarm functions or a mix of all of the above

RGB leds are not really expensive, and if your dedicating a chip to this you will have plenty of resources, if its something you wish to do


Well, I have all of the parts for either situation...

I like the idea of the day of week thing, and I'll probably try it. My only thing is: it takes me 3 weeks to remember who is in my homeroom class (32 kids) in school... So I'll need to keep a cheet sheet near by...

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