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I've spent about 4 days trying to get this to work but I have no idea how. I've tried using the WiFi library on the Arduino website and about half a dozen other WiFly libraries including WiFlyHQ but I cannot connect to my WiFi through the Arduino...

Can anyone please help me and tell me what I'm doing wrong???

This is what I have:
Arduino Duemilanove board
Arduino Wireless SD Shield
RN-XV WiFi module

Nothing else is connected to the board and I am communicating with it via USB from my PC.

Any help is very appreciated! Thank you


Arduino Wireless SD Shield

Nothing else is connected to the (Arduino) board and I am communicating with (the Arduino) via USB from my PC.

That shield uses the same serial I/O pins as USB so you can't talk to the USB cable and the WiFi module separately.

I would bend or cut Pin 0 and Pin 1 of the shield and wire them to Pin 6 and Pin7 (might need 2 and 3 for interrupts and Pin 5 is the SS pin for the SD card).  Then you can use SoftwareSerial to talk to the WiFi card.
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I also have this combo and for some reason I thought I could use it without any effort :)

...Days and days of confusing reading Im am posting this... different wifly libs, dif sheilds with dif mods et etc. I prob should have bought a hydrogen shield (when available)

Anyway I can access it through telnet wirelessly no prob, but dont know what to do next. Seems like I cant access the internet because of the adhoc conenction and no pth to my AP router!

I wonder if its also possible to access it just for setup using USB and not cut off the 0,1 RTX pins?

Any help or guidance on some other method (sheild) would be most appreciated. I also have an xbee sheild (has same problem with serial pin access)

Im a newbee here so hope not to offend anyone with my limited knowledge.


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