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Hello to All,
i don't know if this is the proper place for this query, but here goes anyway;
I am looking for an bare PCB, or more likely an Arduino kit that uses the 'old school' original method of communication with the host, a serial port DE-9 connector on the board.
I have tons and tons of thru-hole parts, and plenty of these DE-9 connectors, and would like to construct a few Arduino boards using my existing inventory.
I have seen schematics that use the MAX232 or a 7404 hex inverter as the level converter, either would be fine as I have tons of these parts also.
I have seen plenty of the kits that use the USB interface, even the ones with the SMT device already soldered onto the board, etc, but I want to go in the opposite direction, and utilize my inventory of thru-hole componentry.
I figure I could build 25-30 of these type of units, keep one for myself and donate the remainder to the local university's Engineering program (If they still have computers with serial ports!)
So essentially what I am asking for is, if anyone knows of a vendor that has bare PCBs of the Arduino serial variety.
I have seen some from India, but S&H is prohibitive(I am in the USA).
rohmell@yahoo.com  (yes, I am posing my email, spam does not bother me, I have filters)


Look at the Single Sided Serial design: http://arduino.cc/it/Main/ArduinoBoardSerialSingleSided3

It's a single-sided board, all through-hole parts, and uses a D9 for serial I/O.
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Yes, that is what I am looking for, unfortunately there are no vendors of thisbare board, I would have to make it myself.

Jack Christensen

Well the Eagle files are there. Haven't looked at them, but shouldn't be a huge deal to send them off to be made.

James C4S

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Yes! Thank you for the info about the Mouser boards, I didn't know they had stuff like that.
Upon further research, I also found this vendor with the serial boards:


I like the version from Mouser in that it uses transistors for the serial-to-TTL converision.

Thanks to all for the help.

James C4S

The mouser board is the original arduino pcb design.
Capacitor Expert By Day, Enginerd by night.  ||  Personal Blog: www.baldengineer.com  || Electronics Tutorials for Beginners:  www.addohms.com


Thanks for that info.
I have placed an initial order for 5 of the Mouser boards, and am going to do the same for NCK version soon.
Thanks for all the helpful replies.

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