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I want to build custom midi controller for Ableton (daw sortware). I want to use Hinduino (BTW awesome project) to have arduino appears as midi device (so I don't have to run third party sw on background to translate serial to midi).
I have most of the code already written, and it seems to work. But I suddenly decided to add to it LCD display which will show some information from ableton. I have script for this (via M4L), it sends those informations via serial.
And there is the problem, hinduino can't read serial and midi at the same time.
Any solutions?

I think that can be achieved using usb hub and 2 arduinos (one hinduino and second serial) but there should be easiest way to do it..


Do you mean the HIDUINO firmware by Dimitri Diakopoulos?

Why don't you send the information over MIDI as well? The problem is that you'll have both your script and Ableton connected to the same MIDI port. On Linux, I use QjackCtl to do my MIDI routing, but I'm not sure if it's possible on Windows.

What kind of information do you want to send? Where is it coming from? What does the script do exactly?


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