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Hello all
I just received a brand new Arduino UNO R3

It came beautiful packaged inside a cardboard box together with some plastic covered stickers.

Since we are talking about unshielded electronics, and a microcontroller I was expecting to receive it wrapped in ESD safe materials.

There are big chances that the microcontroller is already damaged even before I open the box.


Tom Carpenter

The microcontroller is part of a circuit board which contains a large ground plane. This in itself will protect the IC. There is also regulation and filter circuitry onboard which will also offer some level of protection.


You never know where a 20 000 Volt static spark hits.
If it hits the common ground then you may be lucky.

Ship the boards wrapped in ESD safe materials and show the world that you care about quality.


How many have been returned due to ESD damage? If it was a significant number, I'm sure the packaging would have been changed.


Noone is able to see if a component is damaged by ESD.
If it left a brown mark with bad smell, then it would be easy.

Most users probably expose the board with even more ESD (laying on ungrounded tables etc).

How many cent would it cost to wrap the boards safely?


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