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Hey everyone.  I'm back because I have hit a road block that I can't seem to figure out.

So I bought the Ardunio in the mail and got it today.  I also ran out and got some wires that have connecting pins on each end.  With a type B USB cable, I was all ready to go.  I hooked everything up like we have been discussing in this thread and there seems to be a disconnect somewhere.

Here is my hookup.

I took three wires and stripped them like this:

And plugged them into the controller port like so:

Heres how I plugged in my pins.

Blue > 3.3v
Green > Digital Pin 2
Yellow > Ground

(Blue and Yellow are switched in the pictures, opps!)

So with that all hooked up, I downloaded the N64_Arduino.zip file at the bottom of this page:


The code uploaded successfully using the Andurino program.  But by opening notepad, I get this:

I have ran a small pin 13 led code that worked on the board so I know the board isn't faulty.  I have also changed out N64 controllers to make sure that its not the controller.  The only other thing it could be is a faulty USB cable (which I think is not likely since the code gets sent successfully) or there is something I'm not doing right in this cable hookup.  Can you guys catch what I'm doing wrong?  Since I know nothing of any of this, your help is gratefully appreciated.  Thanks guys, later.


Alright, I ended up getting it to work.  I didn't know I had to open the "Serial Monitor" for the Ardunio to start transfering data.  I realized I had to have Processing 1.0 running for my computer to read the signals coming from the N64 controller.  I downloaded the N64_Controller.zip from the link above and played it to get it to read the controller.

Whats next is to get it to talk to the bluetooth.  But in the mean time, does anyone know about a better way to calibrate the analog controls for this mod?  I'm running Project64 with a modded N-Rage input pluggin if that helps anyone.  Thanks guys, later.


what do you mean by calibrating? For me the middle is always 0 or (-)1. If you want, you can take a look at the library I constructed to use the controller easier (any PIN): http://pothos.blogsport.eu/2012/03/26/arduino-n64-controller-library-und-tetris-port/

Straight link is http://pothos.blogsport.eu/files/2012/03/N64Controller.zip

Maybe you can give a comment on it.


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