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Hi everyone..I'm developing a project,It shows live traffic information using SMS..for that I have interfaced Arduino with GSM module and RFID..it scans inputs from RFID and sends data through GSM module every 5 seconds..now I want to build a virtual server using my Laptop..what i really want to do is to create a server in my laptop which saves data of any RFid detected and can provide data to Arduino for further use..It should also save detection time and Tag number..can anyone tell me how can i do it??


I don't have any thoughts on the GSM stuff per se, but if you are sending out data every 5 seconds, have you done an analysis of the total amount of data you would be sending to make sure it fits comfortably in your data plan?  I had my house internet connection via cell phone router at one point, and I had to be careful about how much traffic I generated (i.e. upload pictures to my camera album from a different location).


and sends data through GSM module every 5 seconds

Sends it where?

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create a server in my laptop which saves data of any RFid detected and can provide data to Arduino for further use

How is your laptop connected to your Arduino?


The data is sent to predefined Cell phone no. saved in program of GSM module...My arduino is connected to laptop via normal USB...I can see the data flow through serial port via serial monitor...I have heard about SQL server..can i use that to save information on my laptop? is it possible to access data flow through serial port in SQL??


can anyone tell me how can i do it??

Sounds like you want your PC to receive events from the Arduino and provide it with some data stored somehow on the PC. In principle that's straight forward to do and there are various ways you could do it. Ultimately you have an application running on the PC which reads messages from the Arduino's serial port, does whatever storage/lookup you want and then writes the reply back to the serial port. But there are lots of ways to implement the application, and which is best for you will depend on what you want it to do, and what programming skills and experience you have.

Quite why you want to have your application running in a VM escapes me, but that would be feasible as long as the physical PC's USB port was available to the VM. Some VM hosts enable you to map the USB ports through. If your preferred one doesn't then there are freeware solutions which can be used to tunnel a serial port over a network connection and you could use that to bring the Arduino's serial port into the VM. The overall solution is looking a bit tortuous, but none of the steps involved are especially complicated.
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