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For a project I've been working on I have been using the extremely cheap and easy hc-sr04 ultrasonic sensor. Now I'm looking to downsize without making my budget go up. I bought some of  these from Adafruit but the barrel of the sensor sticks out of the board too much, and they're 20x the cost of the hc-sr04s I bought.

What I need is an ultrasonic sensor for cheap (<$20 usd) in a really small package, that can operate at 5v or less, and is Arduino compatible. It sounds like a lot, but any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!  :D


What range of distance do you need to measure?  Could  you switch to an IR distance sensor?  They are smaller.

@groundfungus it doesn't need to be too large of a distance, probably less than a meter. Could you suggest a good ir sensor then?


Do a search for Sharp IR DIstance sensor.  There is one that goes to 80 cm for, I thin, under 20 bucks. 

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