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Dear friends
I'm an informatic ing. but completly new to the arduino platform.
I'm interested to realize a check weigher.
The target is to realize a machne that value the weight of a product and if it's in the right range push it in a direction, if its' outside the range push it in another direction.

inspired to the industrial check weigher
but more more easy

my idea is a sensor that check the weight and send the value tu arduino, if the value is inside a range a small electric motor move the product outside the wheight platform.

my product are 10g / 20g the i think that te problem is the hight precision of the sensor (I need 0.1 - 0.5g)
I think that I need:
- Scale sensor
- Amplifier signal
- 2 Electric motor

Do you think that arduino can make this?
Can you suggest me how to begin?
thanks for all


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There are certainly a lot of ways to make a scale, and if you have the time and ambition to try some go for it. I myself would probably try to find a cheap scale online that has some sort of com port that sends out data. Many scales have serial ports that I wouldn't think would be too hard to connect to. 


My dear Friends
after Googling alot I have decided to buy a precision weigher with rs232 serial port.
Now the problem is how to receive by Arduino the right weight from the weigher?

If i'll connect the weigher to my pc with serial and send the EXADECIMAL command 01 73 I obtain like response a string with thw weight for example 0023.05g

I buy a RS232 shield with max 3232 I connect to the weigher, but nothing...
Can you help me?
How can I send to my weigher the HEX 01 73 string and listen the reply?
thanks a lot


Hi I give you more information, can you help me?
I use Arduino UNO, comnnected to a RS232 shield
you can see the connection in this photo

For the rs232 shield i connect the VCC to the +5v of the arduino and the ground to the Arduino Ground
For the trasmission I connect the 7 and 8 pin.

I try all examples found in internet by using serial and serial library, but never.

First question: in the code I need to open one or 2 serial port?
How i can to be sure that I can write and read on the serial?
When I connect the shield to the arduino my pc make a "pling" like i connect a new usb device, is this correct?

thanks for youe support Fabio

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