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I currently have a AC pump (120V 2amp) that is generating alot of mains line noise. I would like to place a filter at the pumps plug but i'm not sure what would work best there.

Should I be getting a Line Filter like this?


Or should I be looking at things like Surge Suppression \ Protection like MOVs when dealing with AC motors?


Do you know the frequency of your noise? Your proposed filter doesn't seem to suppress much below 100 kHz or so.

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I don't, is there an easy way of testing it?

The main reason I'm going this is the noise is making its way through a relay, over a optocoupler and into my arduino. It shows up as 2-4 volt swings on the arduino 5V rails when I power up or turn off the pump.


Yikes, that's not "noise", that's inadequate wiring infrastructure. Are you in an old house? Do the lights dim as well?

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It's a five year old condo and fully up to spec, its just a really noisy pump. Here is the background thread.

I removed the noise by using this circuit I had laying around:

But I think its overkill and just want a more "sized" solution.

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