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So far this project has gone well, but so far i have only tested it with a standalone receiver and all works as it should.
I've now come to connect it all together for final testing and discovered a problem,

My 328 chip works the winch when it's connected to a standalone receiver and the controller board in the boat works when connected to the same receiver but then i connect them together the 328 stops responding, i should explain that both the boat control board and 328 are running of the same power (5v) and i have spliced into the ppm signal lead from the receiver so it goes to both the boat control board and 328.

Im wondering if the boat control board is holding the ppm input high and is affecting the operation of pulseIn() on the 328, but now i've just tested it and the signal pin is floating around 0.5v so now i really dont know


I don't understand exactly what you're trying to do there, but if you have two devices trying to drive the same output then you can expect trouble.
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Start at 1st post, but in brief I have 2 uC's sharing & reading from 1 ppm signal


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One final update, Ready to rock, Boat is finished, wireless night camera on the front 800m range, the other two antenna's are for fish finder sonar and wireless camera on the back, the headlights are 10mm IR emiters

The winch attached to the back with ball joints for ease of removal, 2x 3.5mm stereo plugs, one for power and ppm signal to arduino nano, the other for video

another picture of the winch showing the ball joints and servo modded for continuous rotation which drives the cable drum

The control box, this contains the nano and is sealed with silicone, one extra thing i haven't done yet but intend to is add a micro switch and paddle to sense when the camera is fully retracted

This is probably the only project i have seen through to completion and has been an interesting learning curve, so thanks to everybody who contributed to this post


I am amazed with how this was worked out,
I , by coincidence am now returning to the thread to get the link for the RC code again because im making an rc controlled winch for a boat, hahaha what a coincidence,

Im currently working on adding two switches with paddles to sense when fully up and fully down because my winch payload has to reach the sea floor.

it weighs more than yours , so I have to use a large winch operated with a RC esc.

how did everything work out in the end?

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