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Hi everyone,

I recently bought an Arduino Ethernet board, but I didn't buy the USB2Serial adapter so I'm having a buig time problem connecting my board with the computer, I tried connecting the board directly to a PC that has a Serial Port installed. I connected the GND, TX and RX to the respective GND, RX and TX of the Arduino Ethernet serial connection. I have the board energy supplied buy a 12V source but I'm not able to identify, send or receive information from the board. Since the the arduino program emulates a serial port when using a USB connection I thought I could simply connect to it towards a real serial port. Is it not possible to connect directly using a serial port? Should I just buy the USB2Serial adapter?

thank you for your help,
Rui Pedro


I bought the Arduino Ethernet board w/o PoE, here is the link:

thank you for your reply :)


That page tells you what you need to know to program the board: The 6-pin serial programming header is compatible with the USB Serial adapter and also with the FTDI USB cables or with Sparkfun and Adafruit FTDI-style basic USB-to-serial breakout boards.

Look here: https://www.sparkfun.com/search/results?term=ftdi&what=products

And here: https://www.adafruit.com/index.php?main_page=adasearch&q=ftdi


Thank you very much for your reply, nevertheless I was wandering if it's possible to connect the 6pins directly to a Serial Port of a computer (I have a computer with a serial port) instead of using it's USB port. I thought since I have a serial port I wouldn't need the USB converter because I could connect it directly to a serial port in my PC.
I tried connecting it, but the PC doesn't recognize anything.


Is it possible to use arduino uno as ISP to program forementioned arduino ethernet?

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