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Hi, for my project i need to connect 10-15 arfuinos on a rs485 bus.
All the device will act as slave, so olnly receive message from bus, a PC will act as the only master on the bus.
I need for sure to use a n IC like the MAX485 to adapt the 485 levels to ttl levels for arduino than conncet the TX\RX from MAX485 to arduino, ok only the RX is needed in my case.
Now my issue...
- I don't know how fast is ... which is the max baud rate of the uart present in atmega 168, this is important because i have a lot data to send over the bus.
- I found many example of 485 transmitter made with arduino bau no receiver, if you have some link to share...



i´m working with same issue, reading rs485. In my case it´s DMX 512 but it´s not yet working ,but it will i wont give up.


I'm also interested about! Any news how to recive and use a DMX512 signal with MAX485?




I love it, Arduinos gone to the dogs...  ;D



If you want to receive DMX have a look at this topic. Theres code for both AtMeg8 and AtMega168 cpus.


There is no problem receiving DMX on a atmega 168.
250000Baud N,8,1
I am building a light receiving DMX signal and for now it works just fine.

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