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I have a PC running on Ubuntu Linux version 10.04.1 LTS. I have installed the Arduino software carefully following the Numpties guide. Everything seems to be correct but when I click on the Arduino icon and click on run nothing happens. How can I make this work.
Thanks David


Where did you extract the software to ?

If you use terminal to start the IDE by hand, what does it report ?  The GUI tends to hide a lot of messages that are useful to debugging.


I followed the instructions and the software is in the home folder. I can't seem to start the program at all.


Instead of running the arduino ide by double clicking it, run it from terminal. That will give some clues as to what is wrong.

in terminal, cd to the directory where the arduino program resides

in mine this is ~/arduino-1.0.1
Code: [Select]

cd ~/arduino-1.0.1

run the program using

Code: [Select]

Posting what it says in the terminal window will be a big help.


On Fedora, I had to add myself to the dialout group, and looking at the Ubuntu directions it says the same thing:

if you use the USB port to dialog, you should add yourself to the group 'dialout' in order to have write permissions on that port:
sudo usermod -aG dialout <myuser>

Note, when you add yourself to a group, you need to log out and re-log back into the system in order to be added to the group.  For the first few days after getting the UNO, I needed to run arduino specially so that I was in the right group, because I had other things going on in the login session that I didn't want to shutdown (work vpn sessions).  In my case, I ssh'ed into the same box to get the appropriate groups.

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