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Hi all, i'm looking for a bit of guidance:

As stated in the title I would like to transmit 2 signals (off a arduino uno + wifly) onto a devise like a iPad.

My area of uncertainty is way to go from the transmission to the receiver.

I have my Wifly piggybacked onto the arduino.

I suppose the questions are:
1. Wifly set up. (How do i tell the Wifly the channels of interest, or channels to send. (Eg serialprint))
2. Receiving the data on a wifi receiver. (Can i do this by utilizing the built in wifi transceiver in products like iPads?)
3. Displaying the data. (Processing program is what I have in mind)

I have checked out some tutorials but I feel this project is not as complex as some. I only want to go from:

Wifly--->View results on screen.

Thanks for you time, any links of guidance that you recommend would be much appreciated.

Kind regards.


As a note to add:

I have the Wifly library ready in arduino. (Currently head scratching for the next step)

Andy R

You should be able to do that on an iPad with its wifi capability. I've used an iPhone to connect to a PC.

I used asyncsocket. Here is an example: https://github.com/twyatt/asyncsocket-example

This is medium complex. Probably should start by writing the iPad server and seeing if you can connect from your PC. You need to be a member of Apple's developer program ($99). Stackoverflow can help with the iPad questions.

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