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Tera does what I ask and also starts with one click, but you have to set up the log file every time you start. Brey terminal looks interesting but AVG anti-virus doesn't like it so I'm not game to proceed.
I had another one called Terminal. It really was junk.

So, none I have tried are as slick to use as RealTerm, but RealTerm is the only one that cannot record and display simultaneously.  It is also apparently the only one which can timestamp without any help from Arduino.

FWIW I would rate PuTTY for debugging and RealTerm for combat. I use the files with Office 2000. The date time  does not fully show in the column but the information is there and you can reformat to show the seconds. This format does not stick if you append to the file. No information is lost but later versions of Excel may handle this better.

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