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i have constructed a pH meter using a pH stamp and arduino. i want to send the pH readings to Labview for graphical representation. i have installed all the required aruino Labview interface toolkit. I just dont know how to start from there on. Do you guys have any VI close to what i need?

another question is, once i have open LVIFA_Base ....what do i do then?


I recently saw on the labview site a complete explanation how to do this. I posted it here in another thread about labview.
If you search for labview in the upper right box you should find it. - oh google was faster

- http://forums.ni.com/t5/LabVIEW/How-to-read-Serial-Data-from-Arduino-using-labview-VISA/td-p/1497866 -
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Here is a video that will take you from installing the library to creating a blink led program, while simple it is very easy to see how you can expand this to doing what you need.


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