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When I start the standard Firmata program from the Firmata website (firmata_test) I get a blank box coming up, with text at the bottom saying "Please choose serial port".
But as the screen is just a blank box, where do I select the serial port  ?

Arduino s/w work fine and I can download files, communicate over the serial port using the Arduino s/w.

Using Arduino Uno, Linux Ubuntu 12.04



I would think the Firmata site is the place to ask this.


Hi there,

Got the same problem here and the firmata.org website does not seem to be of any help... Did you find anything elsewhere ?



What are you trying to do with Firmata.  I just uploaded one of the Arduino included example sketches to my Arduino.  That's all you do on the Arduino side.

Then I went and started programming in Processing to get my project off the ground.


same problem here trying to run firmata_test on Ubuntu 12.04.  I have loaded examples-firmata-standardfirmata via IDE 1.0 and I just get a vertical window asking me to choose port, but window has no buttons ....

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