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I have just started programming with the Arduino Uno and have had good success using the examples that came with the kit. I am trying  to expand on the projects but I am having a trouble with the sketch. I get an Error message"ledPin2 was not declared in this scope" . Can any one point out what I am missing?
Code: [Select]
int sensorPin1 = 0;
int ledPin1 = 13;
int ledpin2 = 12;
int sensorValue1 = 0;

void setup()

  pinMode(ledPin1, OUTPUT);
  pinMode(ledPin2, OUTPUT);
void loop()                     
int threshold1 = 150;
int threshold2 = 180;
if(analogRead(sensorPin1) > threshold1){ digitalWrite(ledPin1, HIGH);}
else{ digitalWrite(ledPin1, LOW);}

if(analogRead(sensorPin1) > threshold2){ digitalWrite(ledPin2, HIGH);}
else{ digitalWrite(ledPin2, LOW);}

float temperature = getVoltage(sensorPin1); 
temperature = (temperature - .5) * 100;                                                         

float getVoltage(int pin){
return (analogRead(pin) * .004882814);                                     



int ledpin2 = 12;

You probably meant int ledPin2 = 12; as that is what you called it else where in your sketch. C/C++ is case sensitive.



Wow thanks for the help. I must be going bug eyed. I looked at that a 100 times and couldnt see that.


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