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I'll have to say I've had very good luck with Sitopway.  Especially on large orders.  Their prices for 10 5cm x 5cm boards may not be as sweet as some of the other shops (who farm it out to folks like Sitopway anyway).  The only complaint that I have ever had about them is that when you get them to do assembly, they don't always clean the boards properly.  But this I can live with as I just pop them in the ultra-sonic cleaner here an in a few minutes they are sparkling.


Getting back to the original house - OSH Park.  I've used them three times now and I have to say their quality is top notch and I really like the way their online system works with showing you previews of the boards.  The previews are spot on.  I've been designing the boards with DipTrace and it works great with OSH Park.  This tutorial has been my guide:  http://kuzyatech.com/diptrace-osh-park
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OSH Park is great, the only thing I don't like is the lead time. I usually need boards faster. I have used


Prices are higher than OSH Park, but I get them in the time I need to meet deadlines for the people I work for, and quality in all of them has been great. The best customer services probably from Pentalogix.



Just used SEED studios as well as Elecrow for the first time for both..

was trying to compare to iTead/iMall... when I need an odd size they didnt offer in a small batch pcb (5cm x 10cm)

SEED had that size in small batches of 10.. cheaper than i could get from iTead for only 5 pcbs..

I had some other pcbs I needed to order.. in my usually 5cm x 5cm sizes.....  so i decided to use Elecrow, because of their posting here....  and because they give you FREE color pcb's..

I can say that all 3 are more or less the same as far as board quality goes.. Im not sure if it OSH Park quality..but I think they are good...  GREAT even for the price.

iTead told me they would have met the SEEED price if I was a better customer (which up until now, i had only ever used itead before.. so go figure?)

SEEED had decent shipping..

Elecrow has free color, good communication on the status of your order (and send pics of your pcb's when done/shipping)

I will probably stick with Elecrow for now, as its more or less the same as iTead, they seem to want your business, and color is free.. (which i really enjoy)..


Has anybody used Ragworm? I think they are quite new but hope someone UK/EU based has used them.
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