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Thanks guys. I will give that a go ;-)


The fiber dust from rapidly rotating tools is bad to your lungs. Hack saw is probably safer.


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update for me:

iTeadStudio = F

(I am completely, 100%,  PISSED OFF right now too!)

my last order had some problems with them.. (shipping slow.. but not even emailing me telling me anything, accepted?  completed?  shipped?.... apologized..moved on)..

now I have placed another order.. (over chinese new year)..  so I new it wouldnt start until 17th of Feb....

Since then.. I ordered, paid.. and there is no entry/order history in my account on the website..?? (no order history)
although they have taken the money from PayPal account?

No emails...  

I emailed asking about the order? why not showing up? status?..etc.. got 1 reply saying  (quoted)  "Sorry about this condition. We've checked with the transation ID and it's received. And we've fabricated all the files. Sorry for the long delay and we will ship your order today or tomorrow."

I have emailed using their contact forms, help forms, on-line emails.. and Sunny, John & Wendy directly..

all emails have gone without any responses......(zero)

NO emails to say designs were accepted, designs were done..   designs were shipped.. and no tracking number!!
To top it all off.. I paid for the fast $29.00 FEDEX shipping too!.. but since the order was lost, not done in time and no communication was given.. that was a complete waste too!

Just an FYI people.. iTeadStudio custom server/quality has left the building!  

I hate feeling 'burned' liek this.. (espeically when I have posted good reviews about them in the past, and have sent many customers/friends there to get pcbs done too)  

well all thats stops now.. no more support form me until they can fix this:

I suggest using:

SeeedStudio -
(very similar to iTeadStudio)

Sitopway (Technology Limited) -
(new, but has bigger pcb size for their smallest package/cost compared to the two above)

again iTeadStudio = terrible service lately!!  

(seems like every since iMall took over.. things have been crap)

Wendy, Sunny, John & Sales @iteadstudio.com  can all be fired as far as Im concerned...

Not one of them can or have done their job.

Completely, un-professional...

go somewhere else, that will actually email you back or delivery your product to you.

iteadStudio (as of now) = thieves & liars..

Leon Heller

People seem to have more problems with Seeed. I've been very happy with ITead, I've used them three times and haven't had any problems.
Leon Heller


I havent had any problems with iTead in the past either.. except for minor communication problem last order (their fault).. and now this order which is a HUGE problem..(again their fault)

Usually Im ok with problems as long as communication is great...  (shit happens ya know) ;)

but this is terrible, complete lack of customer service!...

no email saying the boards were accepted?
no email saying they were done?
no email for the shipping/tracking number?

No entry fr it in my order history on THEIR website?

I had initial contact the first day or two things went wrong...

getting ANY reply after that to see if things have been fixed?  a status update?  anything...   has resulted in ZERO response.

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