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I use 8 mil trace and 12 mil drills with itead all the time, never any quality or working issues.

@CrossRoads: Thanks a lot for your support to our company, we are very glad to be at your service!

To others who wonder where to get your pcb manufactured: http://imall.iteadstudio.com/open-pcb/pcb-prototyping.html

Speaking of pcb, then maybe i should mention our small batch pcb service as well: http://imall.iteadstudio.com/open-pcb/small-batches-pcb.html

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I too use iTeadStudio, and have YET to have a problem with my boards

they have been terrible lately (Feb/March 2013)...   no emails, no communication, no pcb's, no tracking numbers...etc..

had to file paypal dispute with them.....

random comments about having lost my order, found my order, said it had shipped or will ship that day several times, said they cant ship FEDEX now.. are using DHL.. will 'ship today'..  they are moving office.....  PayPal notification was broke....  the list goes on.

After I ordered, and paid...I went back to iTead website..and there wasnt even an order entry in my order history page..  (although got order# from itead and Paypal trans id#.)

VERY un-happy with them


(thanks CrossRoads & Royce for the recommendation to use them)

5cm x 5cm for 10 pcbs'  = $10.00

hard to beat.


I am JEALOUS.  I haven't found any PCB shop here in Italy that will do prototypes for anywhere near those prices.  If anyone has any suggestions,I'd love to have them. 

Sono invidioso.  Non sono riuscito a trovare nessuna dita qui in Italia disposto a fare PCB per prezzi simili.  Se qualcuno avesse dei suggerimenti, mi piacerebbe averli.

Lenni Robbins (Siena)


Thanks.  I've now done the same.  Their price was extraordinarily low, now I just have to wait the 3-4 weels for the postal service to get it here.  Ciao, Lenny

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