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Final update:

I got everything wired up and it all seems to work well. All I need to do now is add a bit of wood putty along with a few other touch ups, and its on to programming!  :smiley-mr-green:

Thanks everyone for the assistance.  I've attached a quick photo of the project in its latest state.


That looks cool,  and very retro, it would look good in a juke box type case , well done
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I remember old glowing wire 7-segment displays. They did look good, but in use they burnt out their segments, so I hope you can easily change your lamps/segments when they burn out.


Yes, 5V wallwarts are nice!

I have some 7.5V, 1000mA wallwarts for the times I want to use the barrel jack connector.
Not sure where I got them from tho, I don't see them at the site I expected.

A bit off topic, but I have had some success getting more unusual AC adaptors from surplus stores.  For example, American Science & Surplus usually has a number of odd ball wall warts on offer.


I don't get the impression these are switcing supplies. They are generally very low current too.  I'll bookmark the page,  but I don't expect to purchase much there.
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True most AC adaptors currently on offer probably won't be switching type, although there have been times when a number were.  However, I know the one marked as such, 40812 which is 12 VDC upto 2 A, is an actual switching power supply for $7.95.  There's also an inline switching AC adaptor with the same ratings, for the same price.  

There are also some larger regulated or switching power supplies (the first three listed on the linked page).  An upto 2 A power supply with six voltage levels from 3 VDC to 12 VDC , that I use in my workshop (the 7.5 VDC setting works well with Arduinos).  A 12 VDC 4.16 A rated switching power supply on clearance for only $10.00.  Although it does need an IEC-60320-C7 cord, but those aren't too hard to get.  Finally there's a 12 VDC switching power supply that can supply a maximum of 4 A with four pre-made cables.  It's a little different in that the connections are configured as four distinct outputs each limited to up 1 A, but they of course can be tied together on a terminal strip or what have you.

I've been patronizing this store since I was a kid.  Although not primarily for electronics; mostly for laboratory equipment, hand tools, miltary surplus, and just interesting and unusual stuff.  While the product descriptions can be quirky and pun-laden, they are truthful about what they sell including being up-front about defects that caused a given item to be surplused.  Also note, some of their inventory isn't surplus but those prices tend to be competative as well.

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